Thank you! first of all for stopping by and having a look. During this journey I got support from a group of beautiful people. Certainly if our paths have crossed, you are part of my journey.

Thank you:

Bettina Paulsen, my mother who taught me so much and is a great role model for maternal love and patience.

Sybille Paulsen, my twinsister who is a huge inspiration and a wonderful artist. Thank you for your excellent listening skills.

Jan Gillich, my partner and a fantastic illustrator. Thank you for your suppot and your patience and the beautiful group pictures.

Thank you Rainer and Andrea, my children for making me smile at least once a day, Nora Brinkman for the fantastic photos.

I bow in gratitude to my teachers:

Dorota Eckardt, a wise soul. Thank you for seeing and supporting me.

Yoga Vidya thank you for a profound yoga teacher training.

Karin Krümmel, thank you for your great advice.

Elena Brower, thank you for sharing your wisdom and love at your teacher enhancement training.

...and many more.